Mandarin Beats is going to Malaysia… Video Clips Attached

我要去马来西亚寻找家乡之美啦!I’m all packed and ready to go and explore my hometown, Malaysia truly Asia. Thanks to the organisers Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Tourism Malaysia – Western Australia Aus World Travel 澳華旅遊 Tourism Sabah Sabah Tourism Board Malaysia Airlines

MB tourism cover

《寻找家乡之美 Day 1》- Travel Highlights – Kuala Lumpur

《寻找家乡之美 Day 2》- Travel Highlights – Party, Eat, Shop at Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Beats in Sabah – Day 3

Mandarin Beats in Sabah – Day 4

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Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 logo

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